The Realest

Two days before his death, A boy with cancer wept. Each day, He would gaze at the windows, To see the city glow. A day before his death, He saw Macbeth. He was in a pool of blood, From it roses and jasmines bud. Life scuds, leaving us with a thud. Embracing life's rife nature, … Continue reading The Realest

The Railway

Steels Loitering. Piled in a frenzy. Like drunk men they stood, Crashing lazily. Their four corners, Toads hopped furiously. In a haste like they'll miss Cherry's dinner. Puddles scantily away. The Gutters not far away. The moon longing earnestly, As she waits for the sun quietly. Her light dim, Like the batteries were dying. In … Continue reading The Railway

His Orthodox

By I.Q. -Dedicated to a girl named Aishat. Everyday we are aroused, By our dreams. Into a world of illimitability. An episode, Of endless possibilities. To not suppress this, Can my phantom band. The audience's so bright. Let's play for the stars, Brightening the skies. Way higher than New York's Towers. When I was younger, … Continue reading His Orthodox

The Monsters We Create

The Monsters We Create - An Abstract from a story By PEN-FigHter™ They were brothers, Bound by blood. No one to put asunder. Loved themselves so much, Niggas everywhere grew jealous. One dude way smart, The other adoring fame and power. Both, To separate ways. In search of their destinies. One man can change the … Continue reading The Monsters We Create


By PEN-FigHter™ One of the greatest titles in the world, One of the greatest blessings, Is to have parents to call mum and dad. Sometimes, We tend to underestimate, The positive influence, Encouraging advice, Wonderful remarks, Constructive rebukes. Little did we know, This things, this parts, Shaped us to the very "we". So many a … Continue reading Parents


By PEN-FigHter™ If you don't make a mistake, You can't make anything. Failure, That feeling when you aim so high, But get low and dry. A period, When you perform, Below your par. Sometimes, We wake, And we can't hold the weight any longer. The thoughts of yesterday, Meddling with today. Defeats, Sneering us to … Continue reading Failure

Lewis Kimberly I

© 2017 By PEN-FigHter™ In memory, Of the unknown. I do this, For him. The one man, Whose life amazed mine. Say Four? He wanted to be a governor. The reason? He too, Wasn't sure. But at nineteen, His mentality changed. His thoughts, Residing solely on Swags. He was well a dressed, For a fellow. … Continue reading Lewis Kimberly I


© 2017 Me? By PEN-FigHter™ They told me, Go to school, It'll be fun, They said. Culture Medium, Staining Techniques, Microscopy and Calibration. My brain, Aching from all the cramming. They said, Love her right, She'll be there, Always. Now I'm stuck with a me, Looking at the future, With no certainty. Hate, revenge, pain, … Continue reading Me?


© 2017 Untitled By PEN-FigHter™ Let's do something crazy. Count the stars on a Valentine, Smile three hours over a cup of coffee, Eat like it's your last, Kiss a stranger and hope she smiles back. Lastly, Drink Vodka endlessly, till the ceilings spins into a disco bulb. Life has subjected us to death, dozens … Continue reading Untitled

PEN-FigHting In Progress

© 2017 There won't be any poems this week. PEN-FigHter is starting a new thriller story for the week. The new story starts from Thursday 16/02/017. Thanks for all your comments, reads and subscription. I do hope I serve you better, starting from Thursday. Have a lovely week and sweet dreams. P.s: Just in case, … Continue reading PEN-FigHting In Progress